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Boise Exchange Club

--One of Boise’s leading service clubs
--Chartered on 9/8/1922
PO BOX 456
Boise Idaho 83701

2000-2001 Winner of:
The National Exchange Club's
Outstanding Youth Program Award
The Ada County Youth Court!

Our Club President (2015-2016): Richard Johnson

The Exchange Club has four major programs of service to the community:
-Community Service
-Youth Activities
and -the Prevention of Child Abuse

The Exchange Club of Boise is a member of the National Exchange Club. It will meet at Elmers Restaurant, 1385 South Capitol Boulevard, Boise, Idaho at Noon on Friday. A speaker is featured each week at these meetings and the public is invited, free of charge. Lunch may be obtained, if desired, for a nominal fee.


Time: Friday 28st, Aug 2015, 11:55a.m.

Place: Elmers, 1385 South Capitol Boulevard, Boise ID 83706-2926.

Program Chairperson for the day, Judy, has outdone even her high standards with her guest this week! Bruce Wong, the Director of ACHD, will be our Speaker this week. He will speak about anything anyone wants to ask him about ACHD, including chip sealing, parking meters downtown, bike paths, budgets, whatever.
Bruce started his career in the United States Air Force, serving over 28 years in various leadership roles culminating with the rank of Colonel. For Example: Commander, 410 Operations Squadron , 644th Bomb Squadron (B-52s) and Deputy Operations Group Commander.Commander, USAF's first composite combat bomber deployment to both Europe and Middle East composed of B-52s B-1Bs, KC-10s, KC-135s and various allied air forces. And the list goes on and on!! He has a long list of Medals!!
After serving his Country, Bruce joined Albertsons/Supervalu Corporation followed by a tour with Driveline Retail Merchandising. Bruce has been the Directer of the Ada County Highway District since 2011 and in this role has been honored with the WTS Transportation Leader of the Year Award. Judy will give you the rest of his very impressive Resume if you make it to this meeting and we really want a big turnout. Johnnie Harris, Dave, Clint, John King, if you are in town, please show up and bring a friend.You WILL enjoy meeting Bruce Wong and hearing what he has to say.
And on top of all this his two daughters are graduates of BSU!!

See you on Friday. 

See you at Elmer's on Friday.

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Sept 25 Meeting at Julia Davis Park
Dec 11 Xmas Party at the Red Lion Downtowner

Loren Decking our 2015 ACE Student of the Year.

See our first trip to Corpus Christi House with tooth brushes and tooth paste - thanks to Ben, Charlie and SALLY!!!
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