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Boise Exchange Club

--One of Boise’s leading service clubs
--Chartered on 9/8/1922
PO BOX 456
Boise Idaho 83701

2000-2001 Winner of:
The National Exchange Club's
Outstanding Youth Program Award
and still the proud sponsor of
The Ada County Youth Court!

Our Club President (2014-2015): Ben Day

The Exchange Club has four major programs of service to the community:
-Community Service
-Youth Activities
and -the Prevention of Child Abuse

The Exchange Club of Boise is a member of the National Exchange Club. It will meet at Elmers Restaurant, 1385 South Capitol Boulevard, Boise, Idaho at Noon on Friday. A speaker is featured each week at these meetings and the public is invited, free of charge. Lunch may be obtained, if desired, for a nominal fee.


Time: Friday 31st, Oct 2014, 11:55a.m.

Place: Elmers, 1385 South Capitol Boulevard, Boise ID 83706-2926.

Big Friday this week, it is the last day of October, Halloween, and our special guest will be Idaho's 42nd Lt. Governor, the Honorable Brad Little!

Lt. Gov. Little was appointed in January, 2009, re-elected in 2010 with almost 68% of the vote and is now running for re-election. He has been active in business, has served in the State Legislature, and is another in a long list of Vandals who have served our State in so many ways. Please come to Elmer's this week to greet and meet Lt. Gov. Brad Little. Thanks to Dave Myklegard for helping arranging this program so close to Election day.

Lets have a big turnout Friday. Judy will be introducing another NEW MEMBER so come and help greet the NEW MEMBER.

In this week in history, the Alaska Military Highway was opened on October 29th,1942!

And Jim Renell asks "When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say?"

Upcoming Socials:

Dec 6, 2014 at the Red Lion Downtowner Hotel, Boise, will be our Christmas Program

Nadege Ineza our 2014 ACE Student of the Year.

See our first trip to Corpus Christi House with tooth brushes and tooth paste - thanks to Ben, Charlie and SALLY!!!
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Flags placed on veteran's grave stones in Morris Hill Cemetery on 6/28/14 by Club and Boise Troop 94

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