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Boise Exchange Club

--One of Boise’s leading service clubs
--Chartered on 9/8/1922
PO BOX 456
Boise Idaho 83701

2000-2001 Winner of:
The National Exchange Club's
Outstanding Youth Program Award
The Ada County Youth Court!

Our Club President (2020-2021): Jim Szatkowski

The Exchange Club has four major programs of service to the community:
-Community Service
-Youth Activities
and -the Prevention of Child Abuse

The Exchange Club of Boise is a member of the National Exchange Club. It will meet at Elmers Restaurant, 1385 South Capitol Boulevard, Boise, Idaho at Noon on Friday. A speaker is featured each week at these meetings and the public is invited, free of charge. Lunch may be obtained, if desired, for a nominal fee.


Time: Friday 18th, June 2021, 11:55a.m.

Place: Zoom (email was sent with connection string) AND

Place: Elmers, 1385 South Capitol Boulevard, Boise ID 83706-2926.

PROGRAM: Friday's presentation will be Paul Kurtz talking about the U.S. dollar bill design and what the numbers and letters mean on it. (So-called 'secrets' found in the dollar bill design will not be touched on.) This will then be carried forward to short presentations about the $5, $10, and $20. (and $50 & $100)
Attendees are encouraged to bring their own examples of any and all these bills. Also, it will be helpful if each brought their own magnifying glass.

Upcoming Speakers:

Upcoming Socials/Community Service Projects:

6/23/2021 Club Hawks night #1
7/1/2021 Place flags at Morris Hill Cemetery 7 pm
7/8/2021 Retreive flags at Cemetery 7 pm
8/11/2021 Summer Picnic at Harris'
12/3/2021 Club Xmas Party Location: TBD 6 pm social, 6:30 enterainment
Past events:

Recent Updates

Club helps City of Boise at Warm Springs Park on 9-28-19 See the Pictures Here!

Plan Ahead!

Plan now to attend the Yellowstone District Exchange Clubs Annual Convention May 21-23,2021 Butte, MT

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Member Resources at the National Exchange Club

ACE 2019 Winners:
Prisca Hermene, Boise HS and
Justine Niyogushimwa, Timberline HS

See Exchangites at work with the Salvation Army Food Bank Jan 2019!

See Exchangites at work with the City planting trees on 4-27-19

2020-21 officers installed by Dist Dir and

See the Freedom Shrine Dedication Pictures from Boise City Hall in January 2015 here!

Flags placed on veteran's grave stones in Morris Hill Cemetery on 6/29/19 by Club
Video by Scarlet Ridge Productions

See the video of the flags!

Past Pres Steve receiving past president's plaque ·