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Boise Exchange Club

--One of Boise’s leading service clubs
--Chartered on 9/8/1922
PO BOX 456
Boise Idaho 83701

2000-2001 Winner of:
The National Exchange Club's
Outstanding Youth Program Award
and still the proud sponsor of
The Ada County Youth Court!

Our Club President: Jim Renell

The Exchange Club has four major programs of service to the community:
-Community Service
-Youth Activities
and -the Prevention of Child Abuse

The Exchange Club of Boise is a member of the National Exchange Club. It will meet at Elmers Restaurant, 1385 South Capitol Boulevard, Boise, Idaho at Noon on Friday. A speaker is featured each week at these meetings and the public is invited, free of charge. Lunch may be obtained, if desired, for a nominal fee.


Time: Friday, 25th, April 2014, 11:55a.m.

Place: Elmers, 1385 South Capitol Boulevard, Boise ID 83706-2926.

We have another very special guest coming this week. Walt's VIP guest will be Ms. Terri Schorzman, the first Director of the City of Boise's Department of Arts and History.And why is that important you ask? Well among other things she is apparently the Lady we need to OK the replacement of a Freedom Shrine in Boise City Hall. So we need everyone's help in turning out so that Terri will see us a a club that is of great substance in our wonderful City. Terri's background is extensive and includes a stint as Program Manager at the Smithsonian involved in the history of Science and Technology! So bring a friend, we need a really good turnout.

See you at Elmer's at noon on Friday.

Baseball in June, anyone?

Future Programs:

April 15 Board Meeting, Conf Rm, Vista Village.

Upcoming Socials:

Jun 13 2014 Boise Exchange Club attending the Boise Hawks opening game at Hawks Stadium.

Nadege Ineza our 2014 ACE Student of the Year.

See our first trip to Corpus Christi House with tooth brushes and tooth paste - thanks to Ben, Charlie and SALLY!!!
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