Bountiful Breakfast Exchange Club

PO Box 532 Bountiful UT 84011-0532


Exchange, America's Premier Service Club, working to make
our communities better places to live.

Immediate Past President: John MarcKnight 801-294-7006
2011-12 President: Leon Thurgood 801-298-2563
President Elect: C.J. Benson
Secretary: Paul Reimann 801-292-1275
Treasurer: Howard Curth 801-292-0119
Dist Pres: Steve Kramer (Sugarhouse)
Dist Pres-Elect: Dennis Yarrington (Bountiful)1356 N. Main, Centerville, UT 202-3803

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The Breakfast Exchange Club of South Davis County is a member of the National Exchange Club and the Rocky Mountain District Exchange Clubs. It meets at the Country Inn Suites, in Bountiful on 500 West & I-15 on Thursdays at 7:30AM. A speaker is featured each week at these meetings and the public is invited, free of charge. Breakfast may be obtained, if desired, for a nominal fee.

The Exchange Club is a non-profit (IRS 501(c)(4)), community service organization, whose major project is the Prevention of Child Abuse.


Other programs include:

A program to give US flags to the children. The Bountiful Club preceeds the Hand Cart Days Parade during Pioneer Days each year and distributes tens of thousands of small US Flags (donated by Staker Paving Co.).

A program to recognize the influence of religion on the American heritage.

Erma Cunnigham receiving the 2010 Book of Golden Deeds Award from Pres Knight!

A program to honor an individual who has been outstanding in the service to the community.

A program to honor those in the community who fly the flag regularly and honorably.


Pictured are some of the 2010 Students of the Month

A Program to honor the outstanding students in the local high schools with a plaque and a breakfast and allowing the top winners to compete in the National Exchange Club's Scholarship program.

A program to honor students, who have had rough times in school, and who have discovered the value of an education and have turned their lives and school performance around. The winners receive a certificate and/or a plaque and a savings bond and are eligible to compete in the Rocky Mountain District Exchange Club's ACE Program for a scholarship and a plaque.

A program to install the Freedom Shrine in local community buildings, such as City Halls, County facilities, Courts and Justice Complexes, as well as in schools. This Shrine is a collection of documents from our American history that are in the form of plaques that will mount on walls for all to see and enjoy. These selected documents are depictive of the efforts by our fore fathers to ensure our liberties today. Take time to read these documents the next Freedom Shrine you pass in the malls, court house, city hall or school. It will be time well spent!

The Bountiful Exchange Club welcomes individuals who would like to see that our goals of:
providing opportunities for personal development for the members, participating in the National Exchange Club's Program of Service and its national project: the Prevention of Child Abuse, for the betterment of the community, exemplifying the meaning of the Exchange's spirit of "Unity for Service."

For further information contact any officer or member or the President at 801-292-3803 or write the address above (or just come to a weekly meeting!).

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