The Boise Exchange Club

History Project 2000


The Exchange Club of Boise in cooperation with the Treasure Valley area Public School Systems has created a monthly competition within the community designed to enhance and highlight the basic knowledge of our American History.

We will invite High School students in their junior year to participate in the monthly competition by creating an essay on a broad range of topics pertaining to American History. The teachers receiving the entry will review each essay entered. The school will then submit their top five finalists to the Exchange Club Project Committee to select one winner.

Once a monthly winner is selected, they will be given the opportunity to appear on a monthly television broadcast on

KBCI Channel 2

to present their work and receive a cash prize award of


from the Exchange Club of Boise.

The winning monthly entry will then be entered in an annual competition becoming eligible to compete with the other monthly winners that school year for the grand prize scholarship award of $2,000.00 from the Exchange Club of Boise.

How can you participate?

ALL High School Juniors are encouraged to participate in the competition.

Ask your History teacher what month your school will be participating in this exciting competition.

Obtain an official contest entry form from your History teacher. It contains all the contest rules and guidelines you will need to submit the finest entry possible.

Determine your essay topic. Your History teacher has been asked to assist you with a topic that closely ties to your current class studies.

Write your essay. Stretch out and be creative. What are your thoughts, your feelings, and your views?

Submit your completed essay along with a completed official contest entry form to your History teacher by the stated entry deadline for your school.

Be prepared to win the competition, present your work on a television broadcast, receive your prize money, and be entered into a competition for a $2,000.00 scholarship!

"Good Luck! We are looking forward to receiving the winning entry from YOU!"